IT Implementation


No matter how big or small your needs are, we offer a hassle free, fully functional IT infrastructure right in your office. Our engineers individualize your infrastructure and design it to meet your unique needs.

Fully Functional Infrastructure  

We provide you with a fully equipped computer rack which includes all the necessary infrastructure devices including your server, storage, and security firewall.  Our engineers monitor your scaffold 24/7 so that we will be resolving any problems before you notice a glitch.

Multiple Office Connection


Synchronization between multiple offices is always a hassle. EMRi provides you with secure local communication between offices so you can centralize information.

Service and Support

Calling support centers for each of your components to describe an issue that may be interconnected to another component from another company may be futile. This is why it is very important to have a dedicated support team in IT that thoroughly knows your specific infrastructure. We will provide you with technical advisors that know every component of your system and how they are integrated. We will have the unique ability to troubleshoot multiple platforms and be your one-call support experts and intermediaries.

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with your issues anytime, onsite or remotely.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Disasters can happen anytime, and if it happens in your local office server or storage, you can lose data. EMRi uses state of art backbones to offer its clients the best backup and disaster recovery solutions. So in case of data loss, you can recover your backup or connect to your DR site without loosing a step.

We offer you disaster recovery solutions around the globe and help you keep your data synchronized and continuously monitored.

Security and Encryption


Recent security issues globally have brought this important subject to the forefront.

As an IT company we understand your concerns regarding your IT security. Our Security Technical Team will provide you with the necessary tools and strategy to keep your data and network safe and secure. We provide various security and encryption solutions locally and in the cloud to give you peace of mind.

Professional Email

Communication is key.

In this age, most communications are email based.  In your business you can use this powerful tool to communicate internally and also share and manage important elements like contacts, calendar events, tasks and etc.

We provide you with secure professional email services that allow you to send and receive emails, share your calendar, tasks and your public folder with multiple devices and users.

Web and Social Media

Your website and social media is your key connection to the world and search engines are a powerful advertising tool. With our tools you will gain many opportunities stemming from the world wide web.  We will build and keep your website and social media outlets current so that you don’t have to worry about status updates or updating information on your website.  Our team of specialists will build and maintaining your website, social media and all internet advertising.

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